Quality policy

  • Satisfaction and cooperation with our Clients, Shareholders and Partners is an essential condition to guarantee success and viability as a company.
  • Prioritize the prevention of incidents and accidents for the well-being, safety and health of all of us at Fiberpachs S.A. identifying, evaluating and controlling potential risks to obtain zero incidents and zero accidents.
  • The goal of zero defects, the quality of our products and services, our know-how and the design and control of highly efficient processes differentiate us from the competition and guarantee our continuity.
  • Promoting continuous improvement of our management systems, products, processes and services through innovation and technology is essential for continuity in the medium and long term.
  • Promoting preventive and predictive maintenance as a basis to guarantee the correct functioning of our infrastructures and equipment is an essential part of achieving excellence.
  • Prevent pollution, protect the environment and sustainable use of resources through the 3R policy (reduce, reuse, recycle) that is integrated throughout the organization with the objective of zero emissions, optimal resource consumption and waste management.
  • Improvement of knowledge and continuous training for the permanent development of the human factor.
  • Observance of our Code of Ethics, including loyal cooperation with our Clients, Partners, and suppliers, is an intrinsic part of our DNA as an organization. Compliance with the different legal requirements and all those commitments signed by our organization is essential to guarantee our continuity.