During more than 50 years, Fiberpachs has uplifted with the latest technologies all development and manufacturing processes belonging to a large Adding Value Chain, from basic raw materials to Class A topcoated composite modules that are being delivered Just In Sequence to our Customers.

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Our philosophy

Our passion is to provide to our Customer superior solutions based on composite material with a strong focus on design, engineering and quality proven processes.
This is ensured by consistent, self‐responsible, committed and customer‐focused attitude of all our employees

Quality is part of our DNA

To us, high Quality of our products and services at competitive costs is an essential prerequisite for an ongoing successful development of our company.
We achieve this through an efficient management system, continuous improvement and motivated employees, who are convinced of their personal impact on integrated Quality.

Our contribution to the future

Our products contribute substantially to weight reduction and fuel efficiency of the vehicles manufactured by our Customers.
With the consistent implementation of an environment and energy management system as well as the development of a sustainable strategy, the protection of environment, conservation of resources are, amongst others, fundamental for our actions and decisions.

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Machining centers


Manufacturing cells


Robotized gluing stations

Tools and Manufacturing

Reliable and competent

With over 50 years of manufacturing experience in the production and development of Class A SMC components and systems, we provide our customers with the highest quality and individual service.


Robotized paintlines


Industrial robots


CAD working stations


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