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Project Management

We apply our expertise, skills and technological know-how to develop and execute each and every project with the aim to exceed our customer expectations in terms of quality, cost, timing and reliability.

Project management
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Development and Engineering

Design and development of new products, smart concepts and innovative solutions is in the DNA of Fiberpachs. Taking into consideration the OEM requirements, Fiberpachs designs and develops products and systems that meet the Customers objectives in terms of performance, cost and timing ensuring manufacturing feasibility and manufacturing process reliability from the early beginning. State of the art CAD technologies, combined with edge of technology simulation tools grant first time right solutions.

Development and Engineering Fiberpachs
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Simulation and testing

Latest technologies and simulations such as Finite Element Analysis, Moldflow, Loading patterns and filling etc. are just some of the tools we use to provide optimized designs to our Customers while ensuring manufacturing feasability and process robustness.

State of the art testing facilities are used to confirm the compliance of our products.

Simulation and testing
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Production processes

Automation, reduction of man dependency, artificial vision, 4.0 process variables control and individual traceability are just some of the tools that we implement to ensure processes robustness and grant consistent quality performance to our Customers.

Fiberpachs production processes
Prototype and samples

Prototypes and samples

A broad variety of technologies, including 3D printing, are available depending on the required scope of each development.

Fiberpachs prototype
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Tools and manufacturing

Holistic consideration of all manufacturing means involved in the different processes, combined with strict internal specifications arisen from our long experience and know-how, ensure first rate ok for all our new developments.

Tools and Manufacturing